The Perthshire Magazine Launches New Sustainable Scotland Feature

Do your eyes glaze over when you hear the latest green buzzword? Zero waste, carbon neutral, closed loop, circular economy…

 It feels like everyone is jumping aboard the eco-friendly bandwagon and environmental jargon is coming at us from all angles; the 6pm news, the menu in our local cafes, even squished onto the little tags inside our clothes.

In fact, Collins Dictionary's word of the year for 2018 is, "‘Single-use’ - a term referring to products – often made of plastic –that are made to be used once and thrown away (adjective).” 

So there you go, eco-friendly terminology is making its way permanently into the English language. But what does half of this stuff even mean? 

It's a new era for business owners, with more pressure than ever before to be accountable for their environmental footprint, change drip feeds down and impacts us all. Whether we're noticing new formats of packaging in our supermarket staples, or our local coffee shop offers us a discount if we use our own reusable cup - the times they are a-changin'.

So let's debunk the eco jargon and get familiar with these new eco-friendly terms, let's get to grips with why things are changing.  

Our new monthly feature, ‘Sustainable Scotland At Work’, will hero Scottish businesses taking it upon themselves to fight the war for green. 

In each issue of The Perthshire Magazine, we'll delve into a Scottish organisation that's taking unusual measures to actively reduce its environmental impact. We'll explore the environmental issue(s) that triggered this organisational change of tack and tell the story of how their innovative solution is simultaneously good for the planet and good for business. 

There is no shortage of Scottish businesses turning the environmental tide with their unique and forward-thinking solutions. Our new feature will enable you to get closer to those who are doing more than their bit to protect Scotland's beauty. And perhaps, just perhaps, we'll bring out your inner eco-warrior.

Check out the February edition of The Perthshire Magazine, to find out why the Glenmorangie distillery in Tain is wading into matters of marine conservation to reintroduce oysters back into the Dornoch Firth, after a century's absence.

By Fiona Murray

Abigail Shepherd