A Successful Launch at The Boathouse

The Boathouse on the shores of Loch Leven has long been a popular place for a bite to eat and it seems like it's sailing towards becoming even more so, with new owner Sally launching off in style yesterday evening. 

The Boathouse was set up beautifully for a party, with fairy lights, balloons, candles and stars scattered on the tables. There was even a live band and a small area for dancing. It really showcased what a wonderful venue it would make for a private party or wedding. 

Sally and her team created a wonderfully relaxed yet attentive atmosphere, and there was loads of enthusiasm for the ceilidh dancing, which was great to watch. It was just good, sociable fun. The staff were really friendly and eager to help too. 

A hot buffet was served at 9pm. Unfortunately, I'd got my timing slightly wrong and my taxi was ordered for that time. I was a bit disappointed, but Sally was really kind and gave me a doggie bag to munch through on my way home, so I had my own private party in the back of the car, listening to dance tunes and consuming the most delicious chicken satay sticks in a peanut sauce coating, spicy chicken wings, and spare ribs that were literally falling off the bone (I hereby apologise to my husband for not saving him anything, in a sorry... not sorry... sort of way). If these offerings are a foretaste of what the new chef can do, as of course they must be, then we are all in for a treat when we next visit The Boathouse. 

So, I had a great time at the launch, and I can't wait to see what's next in store for this iconic restaurant (a new menu is on its way, I hear). I'm confident of seeing it go from strength to strength under its new ownership, and I'm sure it will be a favourite spot for many years to come. 

Image—new owner Sally Fotheringham with chef Scott McMillan


Abigail Shepherd