Award Winning Perthshire Hotel Sets Up Pet Cancer Fund

After losing their beloved dog to cancer a few weeks ago, the owners at Dunkeld’s award winning Atholl Arms Hotel have set up a Facebook fund to help other pet owners experiencing this heart-wrenching situation. Not only can it be very difficult emotionally, the financial strain can also be considerable. Everyone wants to be able to give their pet the best possible care, but the expense is often a great stress for some families. The Atholl Arms Hotel intends to help with this aspect of having a pet with cancer—to make the difficult time just that bit easier.

Hotel owner and fundraiser Zsolt Balogh says: “The passion that moves us forward is from experiencing what cancer really does to the ones we love. We are driven because there is a hole in our soul where once was the love of our dog.”

All proceeds from the fundraiser will go to Tower Vet, Perth, whom Zsolt says really supported them through their difficult experience. The Atholl Arms Hotel is also donating all their pet accommodation charges to the fund.

If you can spare a few pounds to this worthy cause you can donate here:

Abigail Shepherd