RSGS Visitor Centre to Re-Open for Summer Season

In early April, the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) will re-open the Fair Maid’s House Visitor Centre for the season.

From Saturday 6th April there will be the opportunity to view a special anniversary exhibition created by the RSGS telling the best stories from the last decade of the Society’s history. 

 Such anecdotes include the discovery of a skeleton in the Fair Maid’s House, the inadvertent use of a priceless whiskey in a family Christmas cake, and insights from some of the most intriguing and accomplished voyagers, visionaries, missionaries and mavericks to have ever walked Planet Earth.

 Whilst at the Fair Maid’s House, visitors will also have the chance to unwind in the Society’s historic Explorers’ Library and view ephemera from the likes of David Livingstone, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott, Neil Armstrong and Karen Darke; in the multi-media Earth Room, there will be hands-on opportunities to learn about geo-politics and the Earth’s tectonic forces; and in the map room, there will be time to get lost in a captivating collection of cartographic treats! 

 Commenting on the upcoming season, Mike Robinson said:

 “The RSGS is a repository of some the best stories from the past 135 years. I hope that those who visit our headquarters in Perth – whether young or old – will be amazed by the greats and game-changers who have been associated with our small charity, and inspired to discover, learn and care more about the world around them.

“Everyone is welcome, so please come along!”

Abigail Shepherd