The “MINGUS” Project—Menzies INternational Genealogy Under Study

This project has recently been initiated by an International Clan Menzies Group.

The MINGUS Project was launched in March 2019 to investigate the ancestry of the surname Menzies. The project seeks to answer basic questions about the origin of the clan's surname, where ancestral lands were located and where Clan Menzies families reside TODAY.

In order to answer these questions, we have established an innovative three-pronged approach: centralise Menzies ancestral tree data onto a single online accessible platform; institute and identify key Y-DNA (male) line individuals for genetic testing; and identify and preserve Menzies documentary and anecdotal history for all time.

The Clan uses an online genetic database program called WikiTree. It currently has several thousand profiles of individual Menzies and Clan Sept profiles from around the world. The data base continues to grow on a daily basis. 

We are seeking to hear from anyone that has any family ancestral data to make contact with us so that we may incorporate this information into the Menzies genealogical story.  

Even the most seemingly insignificant detail may contain the key to uniting lost ancestral connections.  Please provide your photos, stories, family trees, etc. to our genealogical coordinators listed below. 

Further Mr Randy Hare (Genealogy) & Mr Sean Menzies (Y-DNA), will be visiting Aberfeldy, Perthshire, from the 8th to 11th August, 2019.  If you would like to meet them, they would appreciate hearing from you. and 

Also, follow the WikiTree link below and perhaps your family line, or a portion of it, is already established within the WikiTree database!

For example, a seemingly insignificant detail can in fact be a key piece of information that unifies several disparate database individual profiles into a family tree.  Our genealogists were recently told that someone's 2 times grandfather was the brother of an individual profile that we had already had established within WikiTree. 

Upon adding that information we were able to knit together an ancestral line that had began in Dull, Perthshire, Scotland around 1740.  The line emigrated to Connecticut in the 1890's where one individual established a plumbing business that continued for over 100 years.  Another individual ultimately moved to Hollywood, California to establish a stellar career in motion picture production. Yes, that individual was William Cameron ‘Charles’ Menzies.  As you see the information exists, it just needs unification.  

The Y-DNA initiative is a bold project aimed at answering the most elusive but basic questions of genealogy.  Where did we come from?  Genetic testing techniques have evolved and continue to evolve almost daily.  Genetic testing of a continuous line of male descendants now provides us with information about our ancestors that can go back thousands of years, thereby providing previously unimaginable answers to our past.

It involves testing markers on your Y chromosome that can help to answer mysteries that paper trails and autosomal (maternal line) tests cannot.  It doesn’t replace them, but it does answer additional questions. For example, if you have a suspicion of being from a certain Menzies branch; if you want to see what other Menzies branches are related to your own beyond your paper trail; if you want to build estimates on the age of your lineage; if you want to find out what is your lineage on the human tree and trace its path to genetic Adam.

DNA testing really helps us map out our lineage and complete our Clan Menzies history, thereby providing a lasting record of all who make our Clan great.  

And best of all, by documenting Clan Menzies heritage, we leave a lasting legacy to future generations.

The Clan Menzies WikiTree landing page is located at:

North American Coordinator: Randy Hare

Australian Coordinator: Patrica Gray

The Clan Menzies Y-DNA landing page is located at:

Menzies Y-DNA Coordinator: Christopher Menzie

Photo is of Sean W Menzies. Press release and image provided by The MINGUS Project.

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Abigail Shepherd