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 At an average of 20,000 hits per issue the Perthshire Magazine is fast establishing a reputation for being the must-read publication in Perthshire and beyond. We are so proud of the fact that within just six months of publishing the magazine has had over 200,000 total views. In fact we are the most popular magazine about Perthshire on the entire 'Issuu' site, even beating the Scottish Field! And because we don't have to worry about printing costs, we are up to a third cheaper than printed local magazines. Other benefits of advertising with us include general social media support, interactive links straight to your website, full colour and high definition adverts and stunning advertorial design, not to mention we are accessible anywhere in the world. People in more than 15 different countries read The Perthshire Magazine, a particularly important consideration for tourist-based businesses, when most holiday-makers plan their itineraries before even stepping foot in Perthshire.

 If you would like to advertise with us please email us at with:

1) a copy of your advert (or the information you would like to include if you wish us to design it for you), 

2) a link to the website or social media page you want to direct your customers to,

3) the size you want your advert to be (full, half or quarter page), 

4) which months you would like us to run your advert for.

If you are interested in an advertorial please see sample packages below and email us to discuss your requirements.

Our package options are as follows:

Quarter page advert: £25

Half page advert: £48

Full page advert: £95

Embedded video: £125

Two page advertorial, with business providing article copy and photographs: £150

Two page advertorial with The Perthshire Magazine providing article copy and photographs: £250

Four page advertorial, with business providing article copy and photographs: £250

Four page advertorial with The Perthshire Magazine providing article copy and photographs: £350

Click on the options to view an example of what we can do for you.

20% discount on bookings of 12 months or more!

We are always happy to discuss bespoke packages in addition to those listed. Get in touch at to discuss your requirements or to book an advert/advertorial.

A few extra details you should know:

If you do not have an advert then we offer an advert design service at a one off charge of £15 per advert. 

Dimensions for a full page advert should be A4 paper size (portrait), half page A5 (landscape) and quarter page A6 (portrait). Adverts should be be in high definition.

Since The Perthshire Magazine will be published on the 1st day of every month, we ask that you have your adverts in by the 15th day of the month before. So for the February edition we will need your advert by January 15th. 

We will send you an invoice within a few days of the deadline passing; payment is by cheque or BACS transfer. 

The Perthshire Magazine does not endorse or guarantee as correct any of the advertisements we run, nor can we be help responsible for typographical errors. It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure the information they are presenting is correct. When you email us about advertising your email address will be stored on our advertisers mailing list so we can let you know our latest statistics, remind you of deadlines, and also, sadly, send you a bill! We will never pass on your email address to any third party or use it for other reason than to contact you directly about advertising. If you cease to be an advertiser with us then your email address will automatically be removed from our mailing list after one month. By emailing us an advert you are consenting to us using your email address in this way. You must be 18 or over.