Ecocamp Glenshee, the eco-friendly glamping site based in Glenshee, Perthshire, has revealed a list of the strangest items left by visitors and guests in 2018, which includes 10kg of uncooked chicken. 

The glamping site, which has just launched a Llama team building experience for businesses using its three resident Llamas, also had a very expensive emerald and engagement ring left in its toilet block, which was later reclaimed by an extremely relieved and delighted guest. 

Other unusual objects include a George Foreman grill and an old dilapidated bike, as well as other items such as clothes, mobile phones, mobile phone chargers, ski hats and head torches, in addition to lots of food. 

In keeping with the ethos of Ecocamp Glenshee, everything which is left behind by guests and unclaimed within a month gets recycled. Clothes get washed and are either used by the glamping sites’ volunteers or are taken to a charity shop. Head torches are lent out to other guests.  Left behind food is recycled via a variety of methods. Dry goods go on the ‘help yourself’ shelf in the glamping sites’ Bothy and meat is given to the owner’s dogs. Leftover bread, pasta and rice is converted into eggs via the onsite hens. 

Simon Calvin, owner and founder of Ecocamp Glenshee, commented: “It is very common for guests to leave things behind and we hold onto items for at least a month to give guests a chance to come back and reclaim. After this period and in keeping with our general ethos at Ecocamp, we try and recycle as much as we can – whether this be giving items of clothing to our volunteers or using the left-over food to feed our hens. We try to throw away as little as possible, but when it comes to 10kg of uncooked chicken, I’m afraid there’s only one place for that to go! High value items are also left, and we had a very delighted guest recently who was reunited with her emerald and diamond engagement ring.

“We are coming up to a busy time of year with our glamping site entirely booked out for Hogmanay, but guests can rest assured we will do our very best to reunite any lost items with them, should they be left.” 

Abigail Shepherd